Friday, October 16, 2009

Sotades (Σωτάδης)

Hoje vou comentar sobre um poeta que nada sobreviveu hoje da obra dele...
Sótades (grego: Σωτάδης) foi um poeta grego do século III a.C.
Sótades era natural de Maronéia (Trácia) e especializou-se num tipo obsceno de verso jônico, conhecido como "Kinaidoi". Inventou uma métrica mais livre, que aplicou em várias de suas obras, inclusive em um texto reescrito da Ilíada.
“ Você está metendo seu pau em um buraco ímpio!. ”
—Sótades: Sátira a Ptolomeu II[1].
Viveu em Alexandria, durante o reinado de Ptolomeu II Filadelfo. Por satirizar o casamento incestuoso do rei com sua irmã, Arsínoe II, foi preso, porém conseguiu escapar para a ilha de Caunus, onde foi descoberto e assassinado por Patroclo, oficial de Ptolomeu.
Sótades foi autor de alguns dos primeiros palíndromos encontrados, e muitos creditam a ele a invenção deste gênero particular de composição.
Os textos de seus poemas Adônis e Príapo, mencionados por outros autores, se perderam

E agora em inglês um poema de outro poeta grego, da Alexandreia do Egipto, muito mais recente
Poetry mood:
Days of 1903
I never found them again -- the things so quickly lost....
the poetic eyes, the pale
face.... in the dusk of the street....

I never found them again -- the things acquired quite by chance,
that I gave up so lightly;
and that later in agony I wanted.
The poetic eyes, the pale face,
those lips, I never found again.

Constantine P. Cavafy (1917)

Today will mention Sotades (Greek: Σωτάδης)who was an Ancient Greek poet who flourished in the third century BC.

Sotades was born in Maroneia, either the one in Thrace, or in Crete. He was the chief representative of the writers of obscene satirical poems, called "Kinaidoi", composed in the Ionic dialect and in the "sotadic" metre named after him. He lived in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285 BC-246 BC). One of his poems attacked Ptolemy's marriage to his own sister Arsinoe, from which came the infamous line: "You're sticking your prick in an unholy hole." [Plutarch, "On the Education of Children", 11a; Athenaeus, xiv. 621a. Translation from Graham Shipley, "The Greek World After Alexander, 323-30 B.C.", page 185. Routledge.] For this, Sotades was imprisoned, but he escaped to the island of Caunus, where he was afterwards captured by Patroclus, Ptolemy's admiral, shut up in a leaden chest, and thrown into the sea.

Only a few genuine fragments of Sotades have been preserved; those in Stobaeus are generally considered spurious. Ennius translated some poems of this kind, included in his book of satires under the name of Sola.

Sotades was also the author of some of the first recorded palindromes, and many credit him with the invention of that particular genre of composition.

Richard Francis Burton named the "Sotadic zone", a supposed geographical belt where he hypothesized homosexuality was unusually prevalent, after Sotades.


Friday, October 02, 2009

Cidade maravilhosa - marvelhous city 2016

Cidade Maravilhosa won the Olympic games...
One more time will be present in an Olympic games.
I got the chills when I read the new today. I am totally concentrated on my daily issues that I had no idea about the canditature of RJ.
Madrid again lost the Olympic games, what a pity, for them it is a great city, but during summer it is not the best option to be there.

At least the video is very brazilian and nice...
My life has improved the last few weeks, a new restaurant the Barvara cafe is open and the quality of my lunch has improved 100%.

 Next week will be in Porto de Galinha, northern coast of Brazil, we deserve some rest after all this workload. Naturally we will not only rest, we will have to work, but will not be too worried about it.
By the way, I will have to be in Maimi on Dezember, and planning a spiritual journey to Peru fro new year... Suddenly too many traveling is predicted... November is already planned for Paris and Athens....
Let's see how thing will be.