Sunday, May 24, 2009

Responisibility is a divine gift

I was in a birthday comemoration in a bar in Cambui, where I was talking with Dr. Fransisco and he mentioned to me his idea that Hell is inside (in-ferno) or better hell is the absolut EGO, while one abandons egoism and turns more sharing, more generous, more open, then he is reacing paradise, because paradise is expansion, good is expansion... The idea is stuck in my mind and today I was reading a new book I borrowed one of the series of Andre Luiz´s writen by Chico Xavier where I read the most magnificent paragraph. In one simple paragraph Andre Luis says is all the above:

he smiled, benevolent, and reminded: —Let us be convinced, however, that the evil is always in a closed circle on itself, keeping temporarily those that created it, as a cyst of short or long duration, to de dissolved, finally, in the infinite goodness, as the Intelligences that agglutinate to that evil are reeducated and become fond of the goodness. The Lord tolerates the discordance to Harmony, so that through this discondance occurs the moral readjustment of the spirits that sustain it, since the evil reacts on those that practice it, aiding them to understand the excellence and the immortality of the goodness, that it is the solid foundation of the divine Law. We all are lords of our creations and at the same time, unfortunate slaves of them or entitled to joyfullness. We ask and we obtain, but we will pay for all of the acquisitions. The responsibility is divine and nobody can escape from it.(see below the original text)

I can only agree 100% with this phrase. It is what The secret is talking about and all these new age ideas... We are the lords of our criations, good or bad, and we pay for our aquisitions. Now, why God permits evil to exist? Because we have the free will, and it is only natural that we learn through experience. We are ignorant until we have the experience, then we just acumulate experience that change us from ignorant to wise... Performing evil actions is nothing but ignorance that the consequence of your actions is only coming back to you, it is a natural law.
and it is valid not only in personal level but in social, humanity, global, universal level... We polute nature without thinking, we get back polution in our food, water, etc. We harm somebody intencionally, we get an enemy who will harm us when he gets the chance etc.. How to break this cycle? Change thoughts, do not act against anybody, do not think bad for anybody, after all he is ignorant of your experience you in the past had the same compulsions insticts, we are evolving from animals with insticts, to thinking humans and our societies are reflection of what we are individually.
Before you think or act, consider the consequences, analize the reasons and how to break the continuous cycles...
Live with concience, do not waste your valuable time of life...sorriu, benevolente, e lembrou: — Estejamos convictos, porém, de que o mal é sempre um círculo fechado sobre si mesmo, guardando temporariamente aqueles que o criaram, qual se fora um quisto de curta ou longa duração, a dissolver-se, por fim, no bem infinito, à medida que se reeducam as Inteligências que a ele se aglutinam e afeiçoam. O Senhor tolera a desarmonia, a fim de que por intermédio dela mesma se efetue o reajustamento moral dos espíritos que a sustentam, de vez que o mal reage sobre aqueles que o praticam, auxiliando-os a compreender a excelência e a imortalidade do bem, que é o inamovível fundamento da Lei. Todos somos senhores de nossas criações e, ao mesmo tempo, delas escravos infortunados ou felizes tutelados. Pedimos e obtemos, mas pagaremos por todas as aquisições. A responsabilidade é principio divino a que ninguém poderá fugir.

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Blogger Mariposo-L said...

Uma forma de justiça justa ...

5/25/2009 6:31 PM  
Blogger alximist said...

faz senbtido acho...

6/07/2009 6:00 PM  

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