Monday, March 02, 2009

Past life memories, reencarnation

I also have mine, and I do not believe in reencarnation, I am convicted of it.
Anyway, this is an amazing case...

Back in the ´90ies I did my trip of confirmation of my memories... I discovered a story of the 2nd world war in a european city that even if it is one of the most important one, almost nobody knows, except from the people of that country...
remembering past lives is not important, or even it is better not to know, but I am sure that it can change your attitude towards life. Anyone that realizes that this is not the only life, looses fear of death, and start to value life itself.
I want to have a meaningfull life, every moment is important, and every person you treat bad or good, means you create a certain relationship that you will suffer or gain from the consequiences.
There is no paradise as the church wants people to believe, here is the your chance to improve and enter to a spíritual paradise once you become wise enough through experiences that you collect durign all your earth existance...



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