Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lijiang, the most beutiful chinese city

丽江市, Lìjiāngshì, (city of the beutiful river in chinese) One of the most beutiful memories of my life was the moment we arrived in this city after a terrible sleeping bus adventure. This happened on March 2003 and arriving there we had the pleasure to rest for 4-5 days in this chinese surrounded paradise.
The city is full of canals of the river coming form the nearby Thibet, and the whole city has a nice fresh air feeling due to the water... The houses are liek a dream, like a chinese version of Venice...have a look at some picture here
The real native are the Naxi ethnic minority. In the Naxi society woman are the center of the line, family and economic life. Their traditional costumes are blue white and distinctive. Their alphabet is little colourful picture designs, econografic.
In the steets of Lijiang we meet Mu. She was one smiling radiating creature, full of happiness and life. She was sitting on the stairs of a house selling little gifts to turists. She gave us as a gift to each one a small typical little bag full of a scented dried leaves, that even after all these years are smelling. It is one of the few persons I have asked permition to take a foto of... her energy is giving me stregth.
Mu wasn´t speaking much chinese, let´s not even mention other languages... but body language, expresions and good will was all anought to communicate with her.
My friend before comes to China to visit me and complete this southern journey, shought to me a little package. An artist friend og him brought it to him and asked him to give it to a person in China. In his wonder she told him that he will know to whom he should give it.
After we meet Mu it stroke him, she was the one to receive the package. We hurried back to the hotel, got the package and gave her the present. It was strange for her to receive something, usually she was the one selling her creations...then she opened the package and we saw this hand made cup by the Greek woman artist.
She gave to us one of her talisman in return and we gave to the artist back in Greece.
There was a link created between Mu and the Greek woman, 2 humans, that would never meet in their life, that were living in totaly diferent conditions...

I started writing this remembering the event little by little bit...
we humans are conected one to another, and our acts have impacts one to another...
let´s not be deceptive... we live in a closed area, we thing that we are very important and we treat others as something that doesn´t interest us because it is very far away, but injustice, sickness, hunger,war, pollution, have no real border and it is reaching us in one way or another even if we do not realize it when it happens...
Lets not be so indiferent...

Lijiang info in wikipedia
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