Saturday, March 10, 2007

The offerings

Last weekend during the moon eclipsis (a pure coincidence),
I participated in the first activity of the tereno of Dona Cleusa, a medium and leader of the umbanda center called `MAI` meaning mother by her followers. Dona Cleusa is very original and simple person, very happy and honest figure. Although her age, when she incorporate spirits she turns into various personalities depending on the spirit that is hosted by her body. These personalities follow the Umbanda pattern of spirits, but the main one is an indian spirit, the caboclo visia.
So, this first activity of the year is directed by the Caboclo Visia indian and who is present can participate in a ceremony that determines the orixa or god that protects you this year. The main instrument is a simple shell, which you throw on the marked ground after concentrating and depending where it lands you define the orixa protector.
We both took part in the process. After that we got our shell that will have the function of talisman for the rest of the year and 3 candles with the respected colours of each god protector.

Our obrigation was to do an offering according to our god protector, which in our case was light 7 candles by the river side and near a waterfall. So today we headed in search for an apropriate place together with a friend and her daughter also participating in the previous described activity.
On the way, as if something had stroken Daniel, he saw this place passing form a bridge. He insisted in returing and it proved a really ideal location. Away from undiscrite eyes, we started the offerings.
I did the whole thing, but I find it hard to incorporate this act into something of my own belief. I am now visiting a new center of Espiritas, following the teachings of Alan Kardec and writingd of Chico Xavier, which I admit it fits more to my concept of orthologism and previous experiences. Anyway the place had several garbage around it like plastic bottles, etc. The others lighted their candles and left flowers on the site and left back to the car.
I did everything as the last one, and then as a gratitute and feeling ashamed as representative of my human race poluting nature, I cleaned the garbage, mainly plastic and packaging material. I felt much better doing this than the whole process of the offering. One of bucket of flowers offered by the girl had this red plastic paper around it. I though that it was so reckless of her , to do this offering and leave this behind. I removed the paper and took it with me.
Maybe I am wrong, but I think that our activities should be more careful on our part. I didn´t mention anything, but there were comments like, wow what are you going to do with these garbage? These Greeks are crazy.
I put all in the back of the car, and later, distributed in the recycle area in our building.
From the whole thing, I felt better doing this, and I feel that if there are gods of the river and the nature, they will apreciate much more my act, than lighting candles and leaving flowers in their spot.

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Blogger Asfaz said...

Sabe a muito tempo atras prestava serviços voluntarios a um centro kardecista aqui em são paulo, eu cuidava das crianças enquanto os pais faziam tratamentos espirituais, mas mesmo prestanto serviços lá não me envolvi com as Filosofias kardecistas, gostaria muito de "achar" um religião para mim, acreditar em algo, mas não consigo ....

Ps. O Centro que trabalhava tem o nome de Grupo Noel, a avô Marta uma simpática velhinha de lá psicografa os escritos de Noel Rosa ,

Quanto a Bertioga, é muito perto e facil de chegar ... quando vc's decidirem ir pra lá me avisa que eu te ensino direitinho ... Um abraço para vc's

3/12/2007 7:18 PM  
Blogger alximist said...

Oi mariposo,
pois o duro é que dificilmente eu vou para SP, imagina frequentar este centro. Mais, é uma boa idea, porque não? Eu aguardo vc me mandar estas perguntas suas que vc comentou hoje.

3/13/2007 9:24 PM  

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