Sunday, January 24, 2010

Matsu Pitsu

And the first day of this year started in a wonderful place.

I created this video and almost cried waching it... But after such an adventurous and tiring day, the moment to have some fun came in a most unexpected way...

Let´s enjoy everymoment of out time here on earth and contribute to make it a better place... Thank you peru for the wonderful moments.

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Blogger alximist said...

It is shocking to watch the same places that I was walking less than a month ago, disapear. The force of the river changed the city of Aguas calientes, the hotel I stayed probably does not exist any more, if I judge from what I saw in the tv... Impressive, and what is worse this will become more and more common.
I cannot imagine how these people will survive without turists, the flooding has destroyed all the poor infrastructure there was...

1/29/2010 3:07 PM  

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