Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The end of a decade

And here we are it is the end of the first decade of this century...
This year´s end and the begining of the next will be marked by a spiritual journey in Peru with very good friends cotravelers...
I am very happy to realize an old dream, meditating on the Matsu Pitsu. I was fascinated reading the 9th insight mnay years ago, could not even imagine the conditions that today is leading me to this fascinating adventure...
A couple of days ago all my spiritual group activities were finalized. In one of them one spirit trhough a medium informed me that big natural disasters are happening in Greece. Many animals will or did die, he said. I am so far away, that did not hear anything about it, will have to check it, but with the whole climate mess in Europe, greece probably is suffering from this too... He mentioned that this is a necessary process of these times..
So I will close with a message by a spirit guide João da Serra Grande on a free translation:
Eliminate from your mind your autolimitations. For long time you have been criating barriers of autolimitation around your fisical, mental and spiritual capacity. No doubt you could demonstrate much more of your great capacity.
It is not only body force that you can manifest, but you fisical body serves as a simple conductor of the infinite power of God, that expreses in your inside in order to be projected to this fenomenal world. Even if you are thin, this does not mean that your power is weak. If the conductor is straight, might not be able to circulate huge quantity of water in one time only, but it can express the infinite energy without pause.
Before anything else, you should eliminate tyour negative thinking, which limitates yourself, as if your existence is only carnal.
Increase your conviction that you are body, mind and spirit (guardian angel) as son of the God.
A marvelouse existence that contains inside an infinite capacity. Believe!

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Blogger Armenakia said...

Alximist, mporei ontws na synanthithoun oi dromoi mas... taxidiwtes gar... emeis meta tha kateyhtinthoume pros Ecuador... meta poios xerei!!!

12/27/2009 6:47 PM  
Blogger Leo Carioca said...

Feliz 2010!

12/31/2009 2:28 AM  

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