Sunday, January 13, 2008

What are you paying for it?

As an economist, I liked this video bellow made by Annie Leonard. You can see the whole film for free in the website of the project The Story of Stuff
In the univercity some 10 years ago, I was impressed by the marxist theory, I thought it was the most lucid explication of the capitalist economy I had heard. Naturaly due to the communist - capitalism contradition, there was always this sterotype, but I unserstood the whole mechanism...
Now watsh this. it is what globalized economy means, and it is true that the real value is not represented in the consuming markets of the 1rst world. Beeing more concient what it means, buying one thing, can help us take more rational decisions.

I am a responsible consumer. I must now the side efects and rationalize my options.

Este vídeo de Annie Leonard é muito elucidativo. Assista o trailer e o filme completo, gratuitamente no site do projeto The Story of Stuff
O que realmente acontece no mundo globalizado? Comprando algo, vc participa numa cadeia de produção que não imaginas...



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