Saturday, March 25, 2006

a cyber birthday card

Dear Antonija,
years ago we met in Spain and we liked each other a lot, so much that we kept a virtual contact all these years...It is funny in these strange times that we live, how two persons can have contact in this little planet called earth, without listening or seeing one another. Maybe it is silly but I felt I like you to be my friend even if I met you so few days. I wonder what we still share in commun and what is left from what we like to one another? Because i myself know very well that I have changed a lot, changed my life style,moved to different continents, grow up and matured...I am sure you did too.
I read somewhere that all persons on these planet are conected to some one in their lifes through a very small number of commun contacts. It works like this, I met you in Spain during an event we wheren´t supposed to meet, though you I am contected to all the people you had met, met after and will be meeting and vice versa. So you are invisibly conected to a worker working in China, who I talked to in a bus one morning in a small city in China, or the amazonian Indian I met a few weeks ago in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil...An I am contected to all your croatina friends and family, and colleges and clients of the bank..etc.
If you think in these terms, we are all interconnected, because you knowing me afects your life in a way. Some times I am thinking of that young boy in Bruxels when I was doing the interail. He was very impressed that I a greek guy was traveling like that in the whole europe, what was the effect of this meeting? Did this event encourage him to travel too one day? Maybe he never remembers me, but he decide to take a bigger challenge that a trip to europe. And I was responsible for this. Or even better, my dear Maolei, a middle class chinese boy, whom I reluctantly accept to make practice in german language and who now is married with a german girl and lived in India...would he had managed all these if I had rejected to practice with him as I firstly wanted? Would he had dared to flirt or marry that german girled if I hadn´t helped him?
Or that american hippy garndener from texas, who was travelling the world and had invited me to share the honey he had earned from a shop-owner and we sat in Zappeion, would I be now in Brazil, if he hadn´t told me his traveling stories that had facinated me?
I know now that we live in societies to achieve evolution. Without interaction with others we can improve but this process is accelerated. That is why I am always open to give and receive any message somebody needs or transferes to me. I also strongly believe that we do not meet persons by coinsidence. Even if we do not see the point of something, it doesn´t mean that there is not a secret point in this.
so to conclude, I am happy to wish you once again happy birthday and trully hope you acomplish in your life anything you really desire. And I know you will, because you are a person open and a traveler...enriching the experiences of life.
your far away friend



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