Monday, August 16, 2010

The death of a dictator - A morte de um ditador

Died in the hospital the dictator of Greece Ioannis. He was in the prison for life sentece since 1975.
He was part of the military regime during the period 1968-1973, reponsible for the police and security, or better who was leading the tortures and klling during this period.
The long course towards the democracy began with the disputed liberalization plan of Georgios Papadopoulos, the head of the military dictatorship. Papadopoulos' plan was halted with the Athens Polytechnic uprising, a massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta, and the counter coup staged by Dimitrios Ioannides.
On November 25, overthrew Papadopoulos and installed his friend and fellow Epirote, Phaedon Gizikis, as President of Greece.
Ioannidis organised the July 15, 1974 coup d'état in Cyprus which overthrew the government of Archbishop Makarios III, and, unwittingly provided the pretext for Turkish invasion and partition of the island. This led to the Turkish invasion of the island on July 20 which, in turn, led to the downfall of the Greek Junta and to reestablishment of the democracy in Greece.
On January 14, 1975, Ioannidis was detained and tried on charges of high treason, rebellion, and of being an accessory to the manslaughters perpetrated during the Athens Polytechnic uprising. He was given a death sentence, later commuted to life imprisonment, which he was serving at Korydallos Prison.
On July 21, 2007, the 84 year-old Ioannidis filed a request to be discharged for health reasons.
He died on August 16, 2010 from respiratory problems

And I ask to myself, isn´t this a waste of a life? He is responsible of many deaths, tortures, pain... All these for nothing, maybe the illusionary feeling of power upon the others, during the sort period of 7 years. He is responsible for the destruction of a whole country, Cyprus, that probably will never overcome the partition into 2 parts, the turkish ocupied zone and the free democratic zone, which maintains the whole region hostage into such an ugly situation.
What the soul of this man will be accounted for? I can only feel pity for this soul. Such a waste of the wonderful present of life. I really hope he learned something out of this, maybe regreting the crimes, realizing the effects of his actions, and soon get a second chance to redeem his crimes through reencarnation.
Piece is not what his soul found after death for sure.


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