Thursday, July 15, 2010

DILAh!!!! + good news

Well, I just saw a piece of great news,
BP managed finally to stop the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill... Well, not considering the enormous disaster results that cannot be estimated anymore and the out of control pollution in the ocean, we will all share part of this in our lives, cause one way or another this will end up in our dishes one day...or in other forms. But at least it stopped...
And of course such a great news, did not become a major headline, maybe this does not sell, as the threat and the fear....but what can ou expect.
i also liked that now Argenitna aproved on a national level the gay marriage. Actually that was a fact in Buenos Aires as a municipality, but this law makes Argentina the second country in Latin America to legalize the gay marriage. Well hope Brazil will not delay too much, Rio grande do Sul state has aproved the legalization of gay relationship some years now, but the project is stuck somewhere in Brasilia...
Well taking about gay issues, I was yesteday at the oficial premier of the launching of this amazing videoclip Travileirinho
Dilah is a transvestite performer, very talented indeed, great humor and is doing a stand up comedy in the center of São Paulo. The video clip is impressive, very well done, it is a pity it is not in english, but sure it deseves to watch it, I personally loved it...

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