Friday, April 13, 2007

Νιγεριανές καταστάσεις

Τελικα μερικές φορές υπάρχουν και καλά νέα, που ενθαρύνουν πιο αισιόδοξες σκέψεις. Προσωρινή νίκη για τους LGBT (ομοφιλοφιλοι, τρανσεξουαλικοί) στη Νιγηρία καθώς το αντι-LGBT νομοσχέδιο της κυβέρνησης δεν προχώρησε χάρη και στις εσωτερικές και διεθνείς αντιδράσεις κι έτσι, δε θα συζητηθεί, καθώς η Βουλή διαλύθηκε λόγω των προγραμματισμένων εκλογών της 29ης Απριλίου στη χώρα. Αξίζει το κόπο να αναφέρω ότι υπάρχει και gay χριστιανική (!!!) οργάνωση ( Changing Attitudes Nigeria ) στη Νιγηρία ποαντιτίθεται στο νομοσχέδιο ! Που τέτοια στην Ελλάδα, όχι το φαντάζεστε? Θα σχίσει ο Χρυστόδουλος τα ιμάτια του...χεχε Η νέα Βουλή θα συνέλθει στις 29 Μαίου και εκφράζονται φόβοι ότι, ίσως, επανέλθει το νομοσχέδιο προς ψήφιση στη νέα Βουλή.

Uncertainty mounts against nigerian anti-gay billBy Lesego Masike (BTM Intern)
April 4, 2007:
In spite of the previous protests and the international pressure exerted onto the Nigerian government since the infamous Anti-gay bill, every effort now seems to have come to a standstill pending the federal elections on 21 April this year. President Olusegun Obasanjo introduced the bill that would ban homosexuality which was intended to be concluded before the elections take place. But it appears that the deadline has been missed, and all focus now is on the elections. Government including the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) activists in that country are now a bit reticent about the Same-sex Marriage Prohibition Bill, and they suspect it will only start all over again after the elections with new parliament representatives expected to occupy office on 29 May.
According to claims, the new government may reintroduce the Bill, however, which is likely to baffle the lives of gays in Nigeria. On the contrary, gay organisations in Nigeria, including a gay Christian movement Changing Attitudes Nigeria, were not happy about the way in which the bill was being handled. But most believe that the Bill might have been thrown out of debates and even parliament. Because of the continuing uncertainty, Changing Attitudes Nigeria will not celebrate the defeat of the Bill publicly until after May 29”, conceded Davis Mac-Iyalla of Changing Attitudes Nigeria. Before the silence on the Bill, the House of Representatives had earlier expressed condemnation on the Bill despite that it was largely supported by conservative groups such as the Church of Nigeria, and Christians and Muslims.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Xronia Polla re karntasi, na xerese ti giorti sou. Den mporw na parw oute anasa, tha se parw til to S/K na sta pw kiolas

4/16/2007 6:47 PM  
Blogger Asfaz said...

Olá amigo só fui ver seu e-mail, hoje fiquei alguns dias sem computador e não tendo tempo para arrumar o pc :(

4/16/2007 10:48 PM  
Blogger alximist said...

Kopro!! Na eisai kala, re! Mhn anyshxeis, oyte poy to eixa thymhthei edw sthn xenitia, h mana moy moy to eiep otan thn phra...
Na eisai kala...
Mariposo-l: sem computador e realmente uma foda...fiquei sem internet tambem na casa para 5 dias..nossa sera que somo viciados?

4/23/2007 6:52 PM  

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