Friday, September 01, 2006

Random insignificant meetings in our lifes (?) or Malakizomai pali bradyatika

Second night still awake and it is already 2:15. Dani is in a different state and hopefully coming back tomorrow...or I will definetely get circles under my eyes... No desire to go to bed...It isn't insomnia, just stuck in the pc and wasting time reading blogs.
You know what it stike me odd, after I installed this nice tool for checking on your visitors. It really surprised me that I get so many visits! I really didn´t imagine I could get so much traffic.
But how come all these visitor do not leave any comments? I try to always comment on the blogs I visit (not always possible of course)... anyway it seems some people find interesting the text, for them. I wonder if the translation tool helps anyone in understanding the blog better (or misunderstanind it completely and having a laugh of their time) or all of them can read Greek?
Anyway it is too late at night, I should go to bed. After all, I am working again tomorrow. I was planning to go to Rio de Janeiro to meet Dani, but we cancelled it. So another weekend working here. Actually I know that it is not time to stop and rest, but we both would need to escape for 2 days:-(
Anyway time to go to the cold sheets ... estou com mu lipis! as he tells me in his nice mixture of Greek with Portuguese... Saudades...

I remembered that young Belgian about 15-years old, that I had a conversation with, for a few minutes in the North train station in Brussels. It was a short stop to change trains during my interrail monthly train adventure... I was like a typical bagpacker, and this guy with his friend started asking me in english about my whereabouts. He was impressed kind of, that I was from Greece traveling alone and the rest. I perceived at the moment like a premonition, that this minor incident of talking to me, it would affect his life in terms of getting independent. I felt like this 5 minutes would contribute in his maturity and facing chalenges in life.
Maybe it was my idea, my imagination, maybe the boy didn't think about it again in his life. But I strongly felt that, that particular moment and I still believe that in a way I contributed to the process of his evolution in life.
But I also remember now like that 15year old boy, I once stayed with an American gardener from Texas in Zappion (Athens) and I was so fascinated by his life adventures and his grunge life style that I stuck there for hours conversating with him. God! I remember that guy, blondish, with few money, a mexican coat, which we used as pic-nic blanquet. He had this light in his eyes and showed to me a book with texts and signatures (a blog of that time). I was really impressed by him. I remember I wanted so much to help him. He was practically with no money and problems with his passport. I wished I had a place to offered him to sleep the night. He never asked for it, probably wishing I would propose something, but at the time living with parents, I could imagine the reaction of my mother bringing a beaggar looking guy at the house... Later of course my house became a youth hostel... all kind of nationalities slept in my house (Sicelians, Polish, Turks, Germans, Spanish, Belgians, etc). Of course on my turn I was hosted many times too in family houses of people I know or others, mainly Aegee members. But if I hadn't met that american gardener from Texas, would I have taken the step to take my chances and go out of the limits of my social environment? My shoolfriends most of them never left Greece for example.
I think that my being here in Brazil, is to some extent result of that meeting in Zappion.
Humanity is evolving like this, each idividual is coming in touch with the other and transfers some of his wisdom. Then both continue and each one follows differnt paths, but both of them had something new incorporated from the other and so goes on.
We are like little balls crushing one to another and after crashing getting charched and continue a different route. Final goal to achieve spiritual enlightenment or learning our own lesson in this life. It is so poetic this procedure of human interaction...
And it is a pity that it is so unconcious...



Blogger alximist said...

Damn! I liked the text, prety good for writing it at 3 o clock at night....

9/01/2006 3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Απολαυστικότατο! Ρε συ, τί καλά που γράφεις σεντόνια. Δηλαδή έχω μείνει εκπληκτικά έκπληκτη. Πάντως ως προς τα ταξίδια πιστεύω ότι είναι και λίγο θέμα ανθρώπου. Ξέρω ανθρώπους που ενώ μπορούν δεν γουστάρουν καθόλου να ταξιδέψουν. Και άλλους χωρίς φράγκο που δεν βάζουν κώλο κάτω. Τεσπα. Μην απορείς πάντως για το traffic.Έχεις γαμάτο μπλογκ.


9/01/2006 1:17 PM  
Blogger alximist said...

Kωσταντίνα, πολύ χάρηκα που τα είπαμε και τηλεφωνικά, βασικά το ξέρω είναι να το έχεις μέσα σου το σκουλίκι και να αλλωνίζεις. Όμως δεν το περίορίζω μόνο σε αυτό το επίπεδο. Γενικά πολλές φάσεις στην ζωή μας επιρεαζόμαστε από συναντήσεις με άλλους ανθρώπους που για σύντομο ή μεγάλο δίαστημα επιδρούν και καθορίζουν αποφάσεις, στάσεις ζωής, και τούμπαλιν. Φυσικά αυτό σε μεγαλύτερο βαθμό και με ανθρώπους που ζούμε μαζί!
Όσο για το μπλογκ, ευχαριστώ, απλά έμεινα έκπληκτος με την κίνηση, δεν το φανταζόμουν...

9/01/2006 2:50 PM  
Blogger Scholiast said...

I've felt the same way with some people I've met online - both their influence on me and mine on them.

Hope Dani's home soon so you can get some sleep! (Yeah, right...)

9/01/2006 5:48 PM  
Blogger mariposo said...

Olá amigo vejo que vc turbinou se Blog, language pack's ..ehheh espero que tudo esteja bem com vc's !!

9/01/2006 6:01 PM  
Blogger alximist said...

Scoliast: well, he will be back tomorrow morning, so here I am again :-P
Mariposo:adaptei sua recomendação, google não tem grego... ´ta tudo ottimo, gracias a deus.

9/01/2006 8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So well written my dear Alchimist ;) you do not really miss sleeping hours to write! And you must know how I do agree with you, and how I feel with those meetings which can change a life or, at least, create a wonderful friendship. I miss you.


9/10/2006 10:56 AM  

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