Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday´s children

I found a reencarnation film, with naration in portugues, but you can find the original somewhere too. Jane Saymour, which I like a lot as an actress. As a Spiritist reencarnation is a fundamental belief... This is a film based in a real life case. An american midle class woman, started to have intense and repeated dreams, that made her search for answers. An amazing story...and very touching... a mother´s heart for her children does not stop beating after death, but can reach even the next life..


How it is possible? well every night that we are dreaming, our souls, leave the body and get real experiences in a difernt dimention, a sould never forgets her past, even if now is incorporated in a now body and conscience. The protagonist, felt the need to help her children fot he last life, and this loving force made this remarcable story take place... The film´s title is Yesterday´s children.

I think I will try to publish in this blog some parts from the latest book I am reading, the Libertação, dictated by a spirit with the name Andre Luiz, through the famous and respected mendium Chico Xavier.



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