Sunday, June 10, 2007

O Segredo, the Secret, To Μυστικό

I received as a gift a copy of the documentary The Secret. Maybe some of you already know about it.

It is a series of talks and examples by physicists, philosophers, teachers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, psychologists, authors, and other consultants/strategists followed. They discussed how the LAWS of ATTRACTION govern all that occurs in your life. YOU attract good or bad in your life. It's the vibrations you put out that the universe responds to. So in order for things to change in life, you must change your thoughts and feelings, and the universe will automatically adjust itself around you.
well you probably wll say, yeah plenty of age crap etc.

I want to tell you that in my personal experience I can assure you that this is no crapp at all. Look for it and watch carefully each advice, this is really how things works. I have always been appying these rules and always following the energy of life and my destiny.
After watching it, I was inspired and decided to apply the simple advices. It has been more than a year that I am trying to import and register to Brazil a magnificent invention, which seems to have plenty of problems evetytime to come up to the surface.
Now things seemed to be ready to complete the process, but after so many barriers appearing all the time, I decided to visualize the solution. After 2 days of this practice, today Sunday a non working day! I received the email that informed of the solution of this problem...
It makes you freak or better think about it...
Guys give this a consideration...

What Is The Secret

It shares some of the same concepts and some of the speakers are common with the documentary What the bleep? Down to the rabbit hole. see my previous post about it.

Βασικά ένα σημείο είναι σημαντικό, να δέιτε το ντοκυμαντέρ και μετά να αναλογιστείτε, και μετά να το ξαναδείτε όσες φορές είναι απαραίτητο! Μην το αφήνετε στην τύχη, κάντε το. Εσείς χειρίζεστε τα νήματα της ζωής σας. Το βασικό σημείο για μένα σήμερα είναι: ¨Όταν νιώθεις καλά, προσελκύεις θετικά πράγματα στην ζωή σου!" Βασικά πρέπει να αλλάξεις τον τρόπο που αντιμετωπίζεις τα πράγματα.

Quando voce sente bem voce, atrai coisas positivas! Isso é o segredo, tudo depende de você mesmo.



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